Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gingerbread Cookie Hunt!

Run, run as fast as you can. 
You can't catch me!
I'm the Gingerbread man!

We read lots of different versions of the Gingerbread man books. They made a chart and compared the different versions with the different endings. Here are some books that we read.

Then, the children got to decorate a real gingerbread cookie!  Thanks to HEB bakery we got some yummy cookies.  

We put them in a box and sent them to the cafeteria.  

But when we got there to pick up the cookies....those gingerbread cookies ran away! The cafeteria ladies told the children that they ran so fast they left pieces behind.:)

 So, we went all over the school looking for them.  The children had clues from the different places to figure out where those gingerbread cookies went.  
 We checked the library with Mrs. Richey.  She said they knocked over books and left crumbs all over the library.  

Then, we went to the 3rd grade classrooms, Mr. T. (one of our Vietnamese dual language teachers) said they ran in his room and one was limping.  It was hurt. So...we went to the one place to get help when someone is hurt. 
To the Nurse's office!!

 Nurse Jassias told the children that he had to put a band-aid over one of the gingerbread cookies' foot.  

Finally, we found them in the principal's office.  The cookies needed some "think time" in the principal's office because they broke the school rules. Here's Mrs. Standish letting the kids know about good choices at school.
The children promised to walk and follow rules. They even told the cookies the rules at school! Check them out!

Please remind your child about school rules below:

1) Be a good listener and follow directions
2) Hands and Feet to yourself.
3) Respect others and school property
4) Walk in the hallways

Also, you can listen to the gingerbread song below.  Enjoy!

Until next time!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trung Thu 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival was a success!

 Lanterns made by the children are hung in the hallway for the festival!

The children had so much fun.  I got to hang out at some stations.  Here are some photos of the children enjoying some of the stations.

 Lantern making station

 Tissue Paper flower making station


Check mate! Chess station 

Coloring station

Origami station

Face Painting station

 Elsa in the house!
or is it Anna?!

If you did not make it to this year's Mid-Autumn there's always next year.  The next big festival is Fall Festival on Saturday Oct. 24.  More details to come! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

School is cool!

Important dates coming up!

Tues. Sept. 16-Back to school night for Pre-K through 2nd grade
Wed. Sept. 17-Back to school night for 3rd-5th grades
Thurs. Sept. 18-Fall individual pictures
Fri. Sept. 19-Mid-Autumn Festival 6:30-8:30
Fri. Sept. 26-Grandparent's day lunch (grandparents are welcome to come enjoy lunch with your child)

Cool weather is finally here!  Please enjoy your weekend!  Before you take off, check out what we've been up to!


We are practicing counting sets of objects.

We are working on using good counting strategies...

  • Lining objects up to count them.
  • Pushing objects away or pulling them towards us as we count.
  • Touching every object as we say the numbers.
  • Being careful not to skip objects, or count them twice.

    Please practice counting sets of objects (up to 20) at home with your children as often as possible. Here are some ideas of things to count:

    • Shoes in your closet
    • Books on a shelf
    • Forks in a drawer
    • Legos that you used to build something
    • Coins in your purse or pocket (number only, not value)
    • Goldfish in your snack

    If your child is already proficient at counting sets up to 20, give them bigger sets! See if they can develop strategies for organizing the objects to make them easier to count (like grouping them in sets of 10).

    Here are some fun songs that the children have been enjoying in class. Check them out.


    We have been learning how to be safe scientist and exploring how to use the science tools. We explored with magnifying glass and droppers this week. Next week will be balance scales and measuring cups. Here are some pictures of the children being scientists!

    Then, we went inside and drew pictures of what we saw.  As an extension, children had to match the little pictures with the big pictures using the magnifying glass.

    Check out our scientists carefully using droppers to see how many drops of water a penny can hold!

    The children had so much fun using these science tools and practicing how to be safe scientists.  I can't wait to post next week's adventures.  

    Until next time...as Pete the Cat would say,
    "Just keep singing your song, because it's alllllll gooood!"

    Saturday, September 6, 2014

    School is in full swing!

    What an awesome week! 
    The children are getting settled in and getting use to our school routine. 
    We even earned our very first reward party which we will have popcorn and a movie on Monday! (Don't worry it will be a rated G movie!)

       We have been learning so much.  Here's what we've been up to!

    We are ALL Readers!

            We are learning that in order to become better readers, we must READ EVERY DAY! So we participate in quiet, sustained reading to ourselves every, single, day. Children have learned how to treat books and how to put books back in both classrooms.   The children will also be learning the three ways to read a book. Children will learn that you can...

    1. Read the pictures.

                                               2. Read the words.

         3. Retell familiar stories.

    We are Mathematicians!

    We have also been practicing counting in math everyday. Please practice counting out loud with your children every day. This can be done anywhere and everywhere, in the car, at the grocery store, before bedtime, etc...  All kindergartners are expected to be able to count to 100 by the end of the year. 

    Also, we have been exploring math tools and games.  Please help review the rules for math time.  

    1) Do not throw or bang tools.
    2) Sit quietly in your seat.
    3) Use problem solving strategies.
    4) Don't give up.  Keep trying.
    5) Take good care of all math tools.

    Here are some pictures of the children exploring math games this week.

    We are all Scientist!

    For Science, we read a book about what is science? And looked at a powerpoint of What is a Scientist?  
    Here's the power point if you want to review with your child at home.

    Social Studies: School Rules!
              We have been learning a lot about rules!  Rules for the cafeteria, classroom, hallway, playground, special area classes such as PE, music, and art, library, computer lab, and carpet rules.  LOTS and LOTS of rules!!!  Please review rules at home with your child to help make transitions easier. It takes everyone in order to build a strong community of learners at school so please help your child participate in following the rules! 

    Until next time...Pete the cat would say, 
    "keep on singing your song because it's all good!"