Saturday, February 28, 2015

A LOOK at February!

Here are some highlights for the month!

100th day of school

Kids made themselves at 100 years old!

100 snack bags.  
They had so much fun making those bags of treats!
Here is the recipe for the 100 snack bags.
10 pretzels
10 cheerios
10 marshmallows
10 M&Ms
10 raisins
10 goldfish
10 cheez-its
10 teddy grahams
10 chocolate chips
10 fruit loops

Happy Lunar New Year!

 Celebrating with the community. 
Performing at the Chinatown off N. Lamar and Braker Lane! 

Valentine's Day and 
Appreciation Party for Mrs. McClung

 Lots of sweets for a bunch of sweethearts!
Our Valentine's Day bags.

Our unique LOVE BUGS!

Thank You Mrs. McClung!   
  It was a great party!
She was so surprised! We showered her with our appreciation.  
A huge thank you to all the parents who donated money towards her gifts.  With your gracious donation, we were able to get her:
-Macy's gift card
-Chuy's restaurant gift card
-Vase with kids fingerprints
Lastly, the children all wrote her a page in a book. 

Thank you to our homeroom parents:
Denise Richey and Jeremy Palafox

To all the parents that helped make our Valentine's Day party so special sending in treats and food. 
A special thank you to these parents who helped set up and clean up!

Mrs. Jennie Leon
Mrs. Tram (Tony's Mom)
Mrs. Kim Anh (Ashlynn's Mom)
Mr. Jeremy Palafox
Mr. Nathan Glover
Mrs. Amy Glover 
*(thanks for taking pictures)
Mrs. Denise Richey 
*(thanks for our VIP room)

Science Fair Expo. Day
Thanks to our fifth graders, our Kindergarten got a chance to explore their science experiments!  
Check out how educational and fun this was for all the kids!

Thanks for stopping in.  
I apologize for not posting the last few months.  
Until next time....

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hello BUSY February!

February is here! 

It will be quite the busy month! Check out the IMPORTANT dates coming up.

Feb. 2-Ground Hog's Day
Feb. 4-100th day of School Celebration
Feb. 6-Class Picture Day 
Feb. 12-Lunar New Year Show for the School
Feb. 13-Lunar New Year NIGHT show for families 
           -Valentine's Day Breakfast
           -Mrs. McClung's Last day subbing 
Feb. 16-Holiday (NO SCHOOL!) 
            Parent Conferences on an as needed basis
Feb. 19-Lunar New Year 
      (Happy New Year of the GOAT!)

I will be sending home more details on each specific date in your child's daily folder.  

Click here for February's Newsletter

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good-Bye November!

Helloooooo December!
Important Dates in December

Dec. 12: The Little Toy Shop performed by the Kinder students

Dec. 17: Book Exchange

Dec. 18: Our Class Holiday Party/Last day before holiday break

Dec. 19: Winter Break begins

Jan. 5: First day back from break.

**In honor of our class' favorite songs from the movie, "Frozen," I wanted to share it in Vietnamese! Enjoy!

Here it is English!

What we've been up to!

My apologies for the late posts and updates!  Here is a recap of the last few weeks.  

Math: Sorting, 2 D shapes, comparing numbers, and patterns

Sorting: color, shape, and size 

Students sorting by one hole, two holes, 4 holes and no holes.

2 D Shapes:
Students had to learn the attributes of the 2D shapes for example, a triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners. Here is a chart to help your child at home with the attributes of each shape.  We will cover 3D shapes later on this year. 

Here is what the students came up with in their math journals.

Students created own pictures with shapes they cut out.  Then they counted how many of each shape they used.


Science: Pumpkins, Fall, Leaves, and magnets (force and motion)

 Fall Leaves investigation

 Pumpkin investigation: It floated!


Social Studies: Halloween, Veteran's day, Long ago and today, Thanksgiving

Happy Veteran's Day!

Vietnamese: Color poems, accent marks, and alphabet, Fall vocabulary

 "I see trees,"

 "I like leaves."

"I see trees."