Saturday, May 31, 2014

School's almost out!

 Our next week's schedule:

Monday June 2: Grayson's birthday celebration and bring an outside toy

Tuesday June 3: Isabella's birthday celebration, 5th grade parade at school, and bring chalk for the sidewalk

Wednesday June 4: Bring art supplies for a fun arts and crafts day

Thursday June 5: Last day of school, bring a board game/puzzle  

Track and Field Day!
What a week!  Our track and field day was a super success.  A few tears here and there and no one got lost! YAY!  Our day was filled with events.  
Check out all the fun we had.

(boys won...hmmm..14 against 4 girls)

Beach Ball contest

50 yard Dash

Water Balloon contest

Obstacle Course

Sea Sponge Race




Hula Hoop Contest

  Special thanks to our 2 parents that joined the fun on field day, Ms. Ginger and Ms. Faith

ONLY 4 more days of school left!
Please continue to check folders everyday and please check your child's backpack. There will be lots of work that I will send home next week.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Cao's Corner

New Year's Tet show: FINALLY!
The Year of the Horse program on AISD channel

Check out our kids performances! 
click here for show

Cao's Corner

Interesting site about what language is commonly spoken in the US.  Check it out.

Click here for more information.
Click here for more info.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dual Language End of the Year Picnic

What a beautiful day it was to have a picnic!
The kids had so much fun.  
1) Water shooters
2) Playground
 3) Chalk
4) Legos
 5) Food (pizza, hot dogs, donuts, chips, ice cream, and more!)
6)Hanging out with friends!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.  Sorry I didn't get many pictures of kids in action, didn't want to be in danger wet zone.
 But trust me, they had a blast!
 Quick glance at how the day went for the kids.
 A special thanks to our wonderful Principal, Dedra Standish, 
 for her continuous support.  
Thanks to our program director, Thuy Nguyen, for her 
dedication and always pushing us to be better!
 Thanks to my partner in crime, Mrs. Andrea Pearson.  
Little Joey made it to the party too!
 Thanks to our biggest cheerleaders,  
Ms. Curry, Mrs. Wood (Co Lam), Mr. T. (Thay Thuan), and Mrs. Alvarado. 
Your support is greatly appreciated! 


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Field Trip to the Thinkery

We loved the THINKERY!
A special thanks to our parent chaperones: 
 Ms. Thu (Samuel's mom), Mr. Tuan (Hai Anh's dad), and Ms. Kim (Tai's mom)!
All of the children had such a fun time.  
We explored, discovered, and most of all had a blast!  
Check out our adventure for the day.

 Our photographer for a little bit.
 Pumping water for a little splash!
 More water?!
 Waiting for a little shower.
 Making music with water.
 This was a hit....water station.
 Teamwork...movement with a hula hoop.
 Watch out!  Here's comes the little chef.
 From farm to restaurant. 

 Future architect?
 Another builder?
 How much does it all weigh?

 Or maybe a future engineer?

Afterwards, we were hungry and tired.  A few knocked out on the bus. The rest was still full of energy! 

We had a nice lunch outside and celebrated a birthday. 
Overall, a great field trip!  

If you would like more information about the Thinkery, visit their website below.  They have lots of summer camps, workshops, and more!
Click here for more info.